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Judy & Marie – The Bass Lake Homes Team

Looking for help in finding the best buy for you in today’s market? I have lived and sold real estate here since 1979; why not use my insight into the changing markets and knowledge of the vastly different areas to easily find just the right home for you.

What are my personal goals in helping you? I will provide complete honesty about the different homes you see while assisting you in sorting through which ones will meet your needs for the long term.

How do I differ in my approach to representing you? PROTECTING YOUR INTEREST is my only goal; I never represent both sides in a transaction. Buyers: NO SURPRISES. Property boundaries, septic status, water quality are known. Sellers, I MARKET ON THE INTERNET through the major search engines, with high-quality photos of the interior and exterior of your home plus a 3D Virtual Tour. Do you have equity in investment property you want to sell without paying taxes? I will find a 1031 intermediary and insure the listing and purchase agreements protect the value of your asset.

This area has been my home for over 30 years. My 3 children graduated from local schools enjoying the recreational opportunities from water sports in the summer, to trail riding/camping in the spring, to snow skiing in the Winter.

Let me help you make your dreams come true.
Call 559-325-4740 to discover what special care I offer you.

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The Sierra Nevada Mountain’s are a phenomenal place to live or vacation. I raised my children here. I feel honored to get to live here. Whether you are planning on creating home here, creating memories through a second home, or income through an investment property I may be able to help.

I strive to show up in the world authentically, and with integrity. I know what I know, and I know what I don’t know, and I know the difference between the two. When I know I will tell you, when I don’t I will find out. My top priority is that you get the right answers.

I love all aspects of real estate. It’s fun, and I’m good at it. It is a place where my inner control freak can run wild and actually contribute to society in a good way — who knew?!

I know from my own life experience that buying or selling real estate impacts your life. I respect that. I work with qualified buyers, and motivated sellers.

When we reach an agreement to work together, I will work to make sure your experience is a positive one.


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